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May 2007

The number of Pommernkontakte members raised to 6,000. The increase slows down a bit but the information density gets higher and therefore still many members find new and helpfull contacts.

January 2006

Already 5,000 family researchers have submitted to the database where their Pomeranian ancestors lived. Now these people can be found by other visitors of Pommernkontakte and a contact can be established via e-mail.

November 2004

The number of Pomeranian genealogists contributing to the database increased now to 4,000. The information density of surnames is increasing too and for lots of surnames concentrations in certain areas of Pommern can be observed.

September 2003

The growth of the database and participation of the genealogists is not ending. Until now 3,000 genealogists have contributed their ancestral names and villages in Pommern into the database. The number of helpfull contacts among the submitters is increasing.

October 2002

By now already over 2000 pomeranian genealogists have contributed to the contact database within just 21 months. The number of contacts is immense -- only the database contains over 500 completly matching records from different submitters.

January 2002

The database technique was changed. As a result of this the submitted data can be searched and found immediately and a soundex like search for family names is possible.
But the greatest advantage is the fact that the user can administer his data himself by way of a password- protected entry, that means he gets his own submitted data listed and can easily make changes.

September 2001

The Pommernkontakte have exceeded the number of 1,000 participants!

It is now possible to search through the Pommernkontakte and the Mecklenburgkontakte together, that means on every page both databases are available.

April 2001

A cooperation with the Club for Mecklenburg history of families and individuals e.V. (MFP) is now available, specifically with the second chaiman Dieter Garling, who administers a similar contact database for Mecklenburg.

February 2001

The Pommernkontakte received now an easy to remember address: http://pommernkontakte.de. We would greatly appreciate if you would change the links to your web pages over to the new address.

January 2001

On January 4th the German version and on January 24th the English version of the database Pommernkontakte begins on my webpages, so that now all Pomeranian family researchers the world over can participate by way of an submission form and can search the database.

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