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Various search options are available, where the search for similar spelling of names is recommended. In some cases also different kinds of searches are helpful. Please keep always in your mind that for the German umlaute you can not leave off the dots. If you can not type the Umlaute ä, ö, ü or ß just copy & paste it or write ae, oe, ue and ss which works fine for the similar spellings searchmode.
When searching for similar spellings of names these similarities are searched with the help of a soundex like algorhythm. The names Voeltzke and Föltzke or Pahzwaldt and Paatzwald for example are equivalent.
At the modus truncated right the name will be cut off on the right (At least four characters must have been entered). That is advantageous, when part of the name varies a lot: For example at Großkl one finds the names Großklags, Großklaus, and Großklaß. Also at nobility names (consisting of more than one word) it makes sense to truncate a typical part of the name itself, for instance *lipinsk*.
At the search mode exact conformity all letters must conform. That makes sense when one wants to find all Schulz for example, but no Schultz.

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