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Welcome to Pommernkontakte!

With 20071 participants the Pommernkontakte are the largest and most up-to-date researcher database for family researchers in Pommern. The purpose of the database is to bring together all Pomeranian family researchers and other interested people in the internet to allow and encourage contacts and an information exchange.

Thus the database serves as a contact exchange - a market place for the research interests of the Pomeranian family researchers. Every participant can easily enter into the database details regarding the localities in Pommern where he searches for certain family names, and other users can then search the database and take up contact with the contributors.

At the same time this simple basic principle is very efficient and profitable. On one side - because of its simple use - more than 5,700 Pomeranian family researchers already participated within the first six years, and on the other side many hundreds of contacts have already been established due to the large participation. In the database itself over 1000 corresponding data records have already been determined.

Whoever wants to can profit from these great possibilities by sending in his data and thus can be found worldwide. The Pommernkontakte are international as well as independent from memberships in associations or mailing lists.

A close cooperation exists with the Mecklenburg contact database - a similar database for Mecklenburg.

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