Pommernkontakte - the researchers contact database for Pommern

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Until now already 20071 Pomeranian family researchers participated in Pommernkontakte with about 40% Americans and other internationals and about 60% Germans.
Together these researchers have sent in 51985 data records, in which 13207 different family names with various spellings appeared in 7731 towns in Pommern.

It is impossible to determine the amount of completed contacts but it is a very large one. In the database alone there are 939 entries from various senders with corresponding family name, town and county data, partly up to five different ones with the same dates. That means that already every 55 data record corresponds with another one.

The data of the database is sent in by the family researchers, that means these are responsible for the correctness of the dates. The administrators may look at the dates, but can only correct obvious mistakes (for example wrong town names). Despite that mistakes can be overlooked or not recognized as such.
If you should find interesting dates you best get into contact with the sender and ask him for further information and also for his sources and check these critically.

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