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Here you can enter your research interests in reference to individual families in Pommern via a wizard like interface which makes it quite easy to submit the information. Only after the submission can you be contacted by other visitors, possible relatives or more experienced researchers.
If you are not yet familiar with the Pommernkontakte concept, please read the corresponding page first.

A data record in the Pommernkontakte consists of information in reference to family name, town name, county (Kreis) in Pommern, and optionally a timeframe, which you should have on hand. You can enter all your ancestors in Pommern (not just the male family tree!), but also married-into relationship or other special areas (for example a special family name).
All data is entered consecutively and there is no limitation as to the number of data entries per participant. You can also change or remove your entries at a later date as well as insert additional entries.

We wish you many contacts through the Pommernkontakte database.

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