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Concept & Structure

In the last years more and more Pomeranian family researchers entered the internet, but there was no popular place to find out where they were searching. In other words, there was no contact exchange available for Pommern, through which researchers with common interests could find each other. Especially for those who want to connect with their German relatives it is important to use a site with major German participation and acceptance.

The idea of a contact database was not new but it should be kept relatively simple and also tailored for Pommern. The essential information for this are the actual research interests, a geographical specification within Pommern and optionally a specific time or rather a time period.

Because the database is intended to serve as a contact connection only, the research interests can simply be reduced to the researched family name - first names are not necessary.
Because the province of Pommern was divided into counties and townships within these counties had simple names almost without exception, these two sources are sufficient to pinpoint a town. In order not to create any confusion through administrative changes, an effective date of January 1, 1939 was chosen for this county division.
To finally allow a chronological integration, time frames (from -- until) can also be added to every entry. Here all statements are approximate statements, so that just a simple year will suffice in all cases.
In order to connect with the contributor his name and e-mail address only must be included.

A typical data entry would look as follows:

Stübs  Wangerin  Greifenberg  1718  1820  Gunthard Stübs

Thus only the essential and necessary data is really entered, so that it is easy and fast to participate, for it should not be forgotten that only researchers who submitted their family names from Pommern to the database can be found by others.

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